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What if......

What if Issac Brock is right? We are all Stars projecting down to Planet Earth.

I was thinking what if the light from our stars project infinitely to an infinite number of realms.

Then....Stay with me here....

Let's throw lasers in the mix. They are going to make lines to one another, like a structure. 

Ok probably not lasers. But bright neon purple lines connecting in triangles. Triangle to triangle creating a sphere. We can think of this as Karma in this theory.

So, we project from a star and maybe that’s why we sleep at night, so we can go back to our star.

The karmatic infrastructure contains all the stars in Infinity. That’s the name of this place. Infinity.

Think of the neon beams as a highway. And the highway connects to your star home. Now depending on the stars' karmatic reflection there will only be one highway open called consciousness.

When the star awakes it is immediately transported to the consiousness of the realm that the star has the key for. They have the same key until they die in that realm. Suicide only tranports you back to infancy and you have to do it over until you die as intended.

So dependent upon a stars key will depend on where they go.

Free will still exists here and because of that even though someone is in their karmatic prime evil will be nipping at their heels trying to suffocate the star.

Stars don’t die like that. Stars are infinite.

Once the stars body dies in the realm its in a new key is crafted to a different consciousness and it doesn’t matter how much evil they faced in that realm because depending on what their mirror shows they will be projected in a better direction...or...worse.

Authored By: Shay Hazelwood

Copyrights belong to Shay Hazelwood. Don’t steal my shit or I’ll sue your ass. Feel Free to share 


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