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Luna Rain Art Stargazer Line

Luna Rain Art Comet's Crystal Garden Acrylic Desk Print

Enhance your workspace with the stunning Comet's Crystal Garden Acrylic Desk Print. With its elegant design and versatile functionality, this desk print is the perfect addition to any office or home decor. The crystal-clear acrylic construction not only adds a touch of modern sophistication but also ensures durability, making it a long-lasting investment. Whether you need a stylish surface to work on or a decorative piece to elevate your space, this acrylic desk print has got you covered. 

8x8 inch, .220 acrylic, Clear acrylic display stand

Spot clean with a damp cloth.Please do not use any products that contain ammonia or alcohol as they will damage the acrylic.Novus Cleaner can be used for cleaning acrylic to a beautiful glossy shine.Avoid using paper towels or other rough materials on acrylic.Never get the back of your Acrylic Print wet.

Luna Rain Art

Luna Rain Art

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