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The Luna Rain Art Project Books

The Luna Rain Art Project Guide- Collector's Edtition-Series 1- The Complete Series

Embark on the journey of The Luna Rain Art Project Series 1 in its complete form. Celebrate the closing of The Luna Rain Art Project Guide Series 1 with a work of art that anoints the completeness of this series and synergizes the sets into Series One's final form.

Trim Size- 8.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 216mm)

Interior Color and Paper- Color: Premium Color

Binding- Hardback: Case Laminate

Cover Finish- Gloss

Page Count- 142

Print ISBN: 979-8-8690-4783-0

Spine Width- 0.50000 in (12.70 mm)

Weight- 1.285 lb (582.87 g)

Original in Production Date


Luna Rain Art

Luna Rain Art

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