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Shay Hazelwood

The Paintings that Shay Creates mean a great deal to her. Some of the paintings are with her for a very long time during their creation and Shay states " It feels as if I have an old friend in my paintings, i place a lot of energy there when I paint and my hope is that this practice will permeate the paintings with that same good energy for the buyer"

The Luna Rain Art Project is about a character named Luna Rain. The journey begins at birth and series one will follow her up to her 18th birthday.

There will be 3 series released as painting and book combo, but series 4 will be different. It will be an exhibit style world that a person could essentially step into and experience 1st hand.

Shay works hard at not breaching the natural beauty of anything she creates and believes that the flaws in this world are far more interesting than perfection. She encourages you to contact her with any questions at: [email protected].

Luna Rain Art

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